SOILMEC R312 drilling rigs

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SOILMEC R312 drilling rigs: 9 ads

US$227,600 GBP CAD £180,000 ≈ $303,418
Year 2005 Mileage Power
United Kingdom, Billingham
Year 1997 Mileage 13500 m/h Power
Germany, Frankfurt/Main
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US$111,500 EUR CAD €99,000 ≈ $148,678
Year 1997 Mileage Power
Portugal, Paio Pires, Seixal
Year 03/1998 Mileage Power
Germany, Frankfurt/Main
US$180.20 EUR CAD €160 ≈ $240
Euro Euro 3 Digging depth 131.2 ft
Year 2002 Mileage Power 205 HP
Italy, Bordighera
Digging depth 131.2 ft
Year 2006 Mileage 9500 m/h Power
Italy, SPELLO (PG)
US$190,400 EUR CAD €169,000 ≈ $253,804
Year 1999 Mileage Power
Italy, Treviso
Year Mileage Power
Italy, Osimo (AN)
Year 2004 Mileage 4070 m/h Power
Italy, Osimo (AN)
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